GRADE 4 GREEN EVIDENCING LEARNING Unit Of Inquiry   9.6.20  LO: Learners were provoked for the first unit.   Task: Learners went through a picture gallery and identified the pictures, told what  their functions were and wrote a reflection on it.     10.6.20 LO: Learners Prior Knowledge were assessed through the Sleuth Activity. Task: Choose 2 people either form classmates, parents or siblings & Find out the    answer of the questions asked. 18.06.20 Learners made an essential agreement using mentimeter. 19.06.20 Learners did detailed research work on nervous systems. Learners created their KWL chart and fill the ‘K’ and ‘W’ and present their findings ,they wrote ‘L’  part in the doc file.     22.06.20   Learners were to play an EXIT Card on Skeletal and Muscular System.   25.06.20 Learners got a Choice menu on analyzing the importance of kidney, stomach  and liver. They used their research findings to analyze the tasks of

Sharing The Planet

Unit- 4 Sharing The Planet Central Idea Biodiversity relies on maintaining the interdependent balance of organisms within a system. Lines of inquiry Ways in which ecosystems, biomes and environments are interdependent (Connection)   ●         Human impact and the consequences of imbalance within ecosystems (Causation)     ●         The consequences of imbalance within ecosystems (Responsibility) The plan of the unit Date: 10/11/19 Learners visited the school and discuss living things as a part of inquiry. They observed, how they live on the specific biome, how they get the things, how they need to survive. They jotted down their result of analysis in tear off pad for presentation. Learners were highly enthusiastic to the learning engagement. Date: 11/11/19 Learners presented their findings on previous class’s observation on school’s biome with think- tac- toe activity. Date: 17/11/19 T hey researched about